For 10 years, salons, spas and clinics around the world have been offering LiLash Purified Eyelash Serum  to their clients because they know#LILASHWORKS

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• Physician formulated
• Ophthalmologist tested
• Safe for sensitive eyes and contact wearers
• Great for extension wearers
• Not tested on animals and Paraben free

• Earn > $2000/month selling 1 SKU
• Top sellers earn > $50K/year
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• Guaranteed results and satisfaction

What lilashpros are saying

Angels Kay’s Beauty Salon, UK

I started selling LiLash through a recommendation from one of my clients. Her lashes were enough proof to me of how amazing this product is. I've used it myself regularly ever since and the repeat sales I get from customers is fantastic. The results are truly amazing, I even offer a money back guarantee because I know if its used regularly then the results are definite and outstanding. We don't promote false lashes in our salon simply because you don't need them if you use LiLash.

The Paddington Beauty Room, AU

Promoting and recommending LiLash is a no brainer. Firstly it works and when clients see it for themselves we gain even more trust and loyalty. Secondly as a business LiLash brings me business to my online shop and in salon. Who doesn't want new clients. LiLash also increases my retail because LiLash is not a single purchase item, its a can't live without so lots of repurchasing. Easy business. Thirdly I love my lashes. Tried and tested and totally addicted. I had tried others they just don't get near the same results. Thick and long lashes that get me compliments all the time.

Lady Lash Australia, AU

LiLash and LiBrow are both amazing, effective products that are by far the best sellers in our salons. As an owner of two specialist lash and brow salons, I know how important it is to be able to help clients take good care of their lashes, specially when wearing eyelashes extensions long-term. LiLash is a wonderful product, in that it works quickly to grow strong, long lashes, and doesn't affect eyelash extensions - it can be used with or without them. We have seen and measured some unbelievable results in lash growth on our clients! LiBrow is also wonderful - we recommend it to clients who are trying to grow out and retrain their brows into a better, fuller shape. The vast majority of our therapists and technicians also use these products just love them, and truly believe they work!

Lash Envy Melbourne, AU

Being able to provide our clients with a lash growth serum that really works has increased our sales enormously and had positive ripple effects throughout many areas of my salon. The brand is well known so it's easy to sell, it has helped my staff achieve their sales targets each week, it has brought a special branding to the salon and shown that we really care about people's natural lash health. Our clients using the product have better lashes so we can attach more extensions to them and create even more spectacular looks with their eyelash extensions! Really enjoying stocking this product and proud to sell it.

Var Hudpleie, Norway

We love Li Lash because it really works. The results are showing after only a few weeks and it is very easy to apply.our customers absolutely love Li Lash

N20 Beauty and Skin Care, UK

I would like to say after selling Lilash and Librow now for the last 6 months I continue to be impressed with the product and the service. I always get quick responses to my emails and my orders come in just a few business days! There are many products that are similar on the market in the Uk but I only stock this one as it works on everyone, including clients having chemo therapy. The tube lasts a long time and people are re buying it. I get asked all the time when there will be one for hair on the head so fingers cossed!!!

Divine Skin & Beauty, South Africa

After we (Divine Girls) started using LiLash we were so amazed by the results and the length that our lashes were growing, also clients started noticing and asking questions about the product which we were happy to answer and share as the product is straight forward and easy to use. We started selling LiLash to our clients who also experienced magnificent results. There's such an excitement about the product (and still is) that clients from all over started calling and requesting the LiLash! The marketing strategy is fun and relates to women's needs especially as most of our clients are opting the "natural way". We also wanted to mentioned that with our latest supply that we received a month ago the "magic" in the product keeps the clients coming and excited, and we excited to be part of that!!!!! We also wanted to mention that....we really appreciate your timely response to our emails and queries and your willingness to assist when we need help, the bonus structure is awesome!!!

TLC Beauty Therapy, UK

Lilash is quite simply the best product and company I have ever worked with! I thought its claims were too good to be true but it has exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you LiLash and the team, it is an absolute pleasure.


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